Protecting Children from sexual predators

Child sex predators are clever manipulators of trust and are skilled at manipulating situations and emotions to get to a child.

Children need to be taught how easily their trust can be manipulated and, how easily they can be coerced into doing something they can't make sense of (sexual abuse).  They also, need to know they can always tell you and, be believed. It's really simple to teach them how to recognise "grooming."

Likewise, it's easy for a sex predator to acess a child, and manipulate an adult's trust; however, with little, or no effort, you can become aware of their "Modus Operandi" (method of operation) to verify any "gut feeling" you have about them.

The key to stop the predator, at the beginning stages of their "grooming" process, is to teach your child how to tell the difference between good/bad touch, gifts, secrets and games.

I have created "Bert the Butterfly" colouring pages to be used, in a non-confronting way, as a tool to help engrain these skills in children.

"Bert the Butterfly" colouring pages are designed to give children tools and language, to tell you should they feel unsafe around another adult or child. It also gives you connection to their story,  should they find themselves in a web of deception.

Without skilled tools, a child is vulnerable against the skilled manipulation of a clever predator.

A well known British philosopher, Sir Edmund Burke says, “All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in this world is for enough, good people to do nothing.”