It's easy for a sex predator to access a child; in fact, a skilled predator may just as easily manipulate an adult's trust to get to the child, because they know what they are looking for and have an uncanny ability to read people and situations on an instinctual level: and indeed, are skilled at entering into people's lives, through finding a need.

Find out how, and why, they choose a family and how they enter into that family with little effort.  However, there is a way to recognise a child sex predator's "Modus Operandi" (method of operation), to back up any "gut feeling" you may have about a person. The Predator

Likewise, there is a way to stop the predator, at the beginning stages of their "grooming" process, that is, to teach your child how to tell the difference between good/bad touch, good/bad gifts, good/bad secrets and good/bad games. All the child needs to know, is how to tell you.

I have created some colouring pages, to be used as a tool to help children differentiate between good and bad behaviours in others.

A child is powerless to recognise the skilled manipulation of a clever predator, that is unless you show them what to look for.


CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) has long-term effects on a person and my passion is to help survivors to move on from the negative outcomes of childhood abuse.

I do this by helping survivors take back their lives.

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“All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in this world is for enough good people to do nothing.” Sir Edmund Burke