Free Colouring Pages

We teach our children about things that may harm them, indeed, may kill them, i.e. swimming, electricity, crossing a road and 'stranger danger', yet we fail to teach them about the dangers of coercion and 'grooming' from people within their lives that have the power to destroy their lives.

"Bert the Butterfly" colouring pages are designed to help a child tell a responsible adult when they are being "groomed."
This is done in a non-invasive way through "Bert the Butterfly" and his friend Sara, who were tricked by "Cedric the Spider. "
Teaching a child about sexual predators is not nice and most of us don't want to acknowledge it, let alone discuss it. However, it is part of our life, always has been and always will be, and so, we need to give our children tools to recognise 'grooming' when and if, it comes into their lives and give them language to talk to you about it. Bert the Butterfly meets this need.
  • Listening to instinct
  • Recognising the difference between good gifts/bad gifts
  • Recognising good touch/bad touch
  • Recognising good/bad secrets


Please feel free to take the pictures to teach your child, whilst they colour in the pictures.