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Living with the effects of Child Sexual Abuse is just too hard to manage alone. It’s important to find others to walk alongside you in the healing journey. It starts with one step, and then the next.

The abuse happened, you couldn't prevent it then, you can't change that now; however, you get to change the outcome. You get to be the captain of your own ship, and you get to steer it in whatever direction you choose. We show you how to throw the useless stuff off the ship.

Most Christian survivors are told to forgive and put the past behind them, or cruelly told by others to "build a bridge and get over it."

I don't believe that you can "get over it," because it has changed you, and changed the beliefs about yourself; in fact, many negative behaviours and beliefs have come out of the abuse.

I believe that as we confront and embrace "it" (the abuse and abuser), we indeed walk through a door; and healing begins. 

Invite me to speak and open the door for the healing to begin.

I'm a trained (Toastmasters) and experienced public speaker.

My passion is to help others find their way to wholeness.

I have stories to tell, histories to be explored, resolutions to embrace, and indeed lives to influence.

I would like to offer my services, as a speaker, to help others move beyond negative learned behaviours and to put to rest the ever lurking shadow of an abusive past. My passion is to inspire others and to help them to take healthy steps toward creating the life they want.

My talks are peppered with inspiring stories, anecdotes, my personal journey; and indeed, my training as a counsellor and speaker drives it to a professional and personal level.


Kate as a Speaker

I have spoken to many groups and organisations in Canberra, Sydney, Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Minnesota USA.

I endeavour to make my talks inspiring and full of hope.

1.  I find myself speaking to parents about:

  • The grooming processes of sexual predators.
  • How to teach children to recognise unhealthy behaviours in others.
  • How to tell. 

2.  Speaking to inspire survivors to take back their lives.

Email me to discuss your needs. k8reid@iinet.net.au



"Kate is a true leader, rather than a follower, in her field of child protection and through her business, Breakthrough Options, she has demonstrated a depth of knowledge on panels with notable members of the community; likewise, in her own seminars and workshops. Her good judgement and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavours."Jacqui Burke, Member for Molonglo                                                            

“As a result of her work, she has been involved with me in a number of presentations and displays exploring and teaching about child abuse and protecting children.”  Dr Sue Packer AM FRACP Community Paediatrician and President of NAPCAN                                                  

“Kate is not afraid to break new ground.” Pastor Jennifer Brown, Lakeview Open Bible Church, Iowa                                                      

"Kate is a passionate & informed campaigner in the child protection field.” ASCA (Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse) 

“Ms.Reid delivers a passionate, well-educated message of hope for the forgotten and exploited. Her history and understanding of human trafficking issues, both local and abroad, serve to raise awareness and action.” Ric Lumbard - CEO, Center to Restore Trafficked and Exploited Children

"Kathleen shines a powerful spotlight of truth on the darkness and fear that surrounds child abuse.  Her transparency, openness and honesty are essential weapons to combat a problem that thrives in the dark.  Because even the best parents can’t be there to intervene 24 hours a day, Kathleen’s instruction and resources aim at equipping parents to teach children how to protect themselves." John S Comino, Senior Pastor, Sydney Community Church

"Thank you for being a big part of my healing...I think that before I attended your seminar I was still living as a victim (and hating it!).  I was no longer living a life where I was dulling the pain with drugs or alcohol, but I  felt that my pain and aching over that part of my life was stopping me being any use to myself, let alone anyone else (especially God). Shari - Canberra, Australia

"I had the pleasure of meeting Kate after she invited me to participate in the Combined Closed Doors Seminar in Canberra in April 2005
Kate is not only a most accomplished speaker but a tireless campaigner for victims of childhood abuse and in the area of child protection. Her passion for the cause is contagious and yet crucial for our community – the incidence of child abuse and neglect continues to climb as do the numbers of victims left struggling with its impact, often for a lifetime." Dr Cathy Kezelman - ASCA (chairperson, Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse) www.asca.org.au                                                                              

The special insight of Kate has been the means of taking many victims of sexual abuse by the hand, giving them a hope of a brighter and better future.
I have attended the "Breakthrough Options" Seminars and witnessed first hand a very competent and caring facilitator who speaks from first-hand experience.  These Seminars are professionally conducted, useful to both people endeavouring to understand the devastating effects of sexual abuse, and those seeking a safe arena of healing. It is with such recommendation that I support Kate and Breakthrough Options." Pastor Gloria Neale - National Capital Church - Canberra  - National Capital Church

"I met Kate while she was living in the US.  I found her to be remarkable and very insightful.  She is very courageous and encourages others to not be the “eternal” victim.  She does this through education and awareness.  By educating victims on predatory behaviour, she is hoping to break future abuse cycles.  As a victim of child sexual abuse, I share in her hope that one day, there will be no child left to prey on.  Without her, many people would not fully understand the lifelong damage and struggles faced by those who survive." - Sheryl, Iowa, USA