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Motherhood - More Downs than Ups

Have you ever thought about your role as a parent? An innocent human is given to you and the world expects you to get it right - all the time. No one knows what to do and how to do things at first. They say, "that mother instinct will kick in".... and most likely every woman that hears that will take a deep breath and try to believe it. However, not every woman thinks the same.

You see, motherhood (to many) is a step into life, goals, and sometimes even planned. Having a child fulfills hearts and minds making a family bond unbreakable. Now, that's just a small percentage of what some people have experienced. What about the other percentages of the world?

Illustration is from:

As you can see from this borrowed illustration, this woman has her hands full - full enough to the fact that she had to grow extra arms to get it all done. (Hint...The sad thing is, even with 12 extra arms, nothing ever gets completely done!)

I'm a mother of two boys. I wanted my boys so bad because I felt like I was missing out of the parenting scene. My first born was a true blessing and a hard knock on my health. Once he was born, depression starting to creep in, and I don't realize that sleep is a NEED. Postpartum Depression is REAL. I thank the higher mighty for keeping me sane. This was also a hard look of becoming an adult and making choices that I never thought about before. As my second child comes into this world, I was ready for that I thought would come - NOT! Other draggers followed and yet again, I changed and did what I needed to do as a mother of two boys. Without a thought, without a welllll.....maybe I should....NOPE. My situation came with an ease of transition because I was the main source of my support.

Now, think about other mothers who have no voice, no thought, no push or drive to make a chance. The ones that are stuck and they can't even see a path. I'm not even talking about the children...I'm referring to the world, the environment, your circle.

What's your situation with motherhood?

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